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Free Race Entries Once Again (Oct 19 2008, 08:53 PM)
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Free Race Entries Once Again

Published by
Racing Colorado   on Oct 19 2008, 08:53 PM


If you follow our site/blog/newsletter you know that free race entries are becoming a regular thing.  We now have TWO current promotions with a chance for free entries.  Be sure to check out the Promotions/Giveaways page at RacingColorado.com for details. We have free race entries to Eerie Erie and Red Thread Run, both great family events.

Eerie Erie is a 5K/10K Halloween run that includes a real cemetery in the course, and Red Thread Run leverages the beautiful Denver City Park for their well-organized Fall race.


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1 comment(s)  
Sounds like fun, although, going by the date at the top of the page it appears I missed the boat on this one...
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